From the quiet mountains of the hi-desert, this 4-piece assembly of artists known as Illumination Road is indeed, a rock band but also a collective of successful, dynamic creatives with their very own production world on a 140 acre ranch in historic Pioneertown, California.

Consisting of established songwriters, producers, mulit-instrumentalists, filmmakers and engineers, the group is a new look at the modern way "bands" can create and exist. With their own production company, recording studio, record label, endless natural film sets on site and incredibly original talent, they are able to produce endless creative content from the comforts of "The Ranch".

Lead vocalist, songwriter and guitarist Chris Ayden combines the love of classic artists like The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Bob Marley with modern characteristics all his own. His truly soulful guitar playing lends itself to emotional blues but with the agression of new rock.

Producer, guitarist, bassist and engineer Chad Shlosser has shared the studio and stage with some of music's biggest names and brings that level of production into the fold. It's the Pioneertown Ranch that Chad calls home and hosts the studio where the band creates all of its catalog.

Multi-instrumentalist Greg Cahill hails from the beaches of Southern California and brings a host of musical talents that has defined the sound of the band. He covers guitar, mandolin, Hammond organ, piano and Rhodes with a style all his own, but hinting at his love for classic folk, Americana and soul.

Producer and drummer Michael Johnson brings massive experience ranging from being a world-touring musician of platinum acts to producing records of all genres and scoring award winning films. His style and creativity reaches across all mediums and shows during his powerful performances on stage and on camera.

The four call themselves Illumination Road and 2021 will see the launch of this new project with a hard hitting first set of songs set to release in Spring alongside a collection of stunning music videos.